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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Tuesday, May 5th, 2009

    If you’re a non-profit organization, why don’t you give everyone free coffee?

    Non-profit organizations are set up to support a cause or an issue. Our mantra is to make meaning; to become a vibrant centre of civil society, through culture, the arts, and public discourse. The coffeehouse component of our organization is a vehicle that helps us generate some revenue. To achieve our lofty aspirations, we have to be sustainable. The money we make is spent on paying our bills, staff salaries, and running the generator. If we ever make a profit, the money goes back into running the organization and not into the pockets of our board members. Non-profits do not issue stock or pay dividends, unlike for-profit corporations, which are set up primarily to make money for shareholders. If you decide to provide us with funding, you benefit when we achieve our vision of ‘intellectual poverty alleviation’.

    Why do you close on Mondays?
    We’re terribly inspired by barbers. Everyone needs a day off and we thought we’d all take a break on the same day. We are considering opening 7 days a week though. Stay tuned.

    What is the legal status of T2F?

    T2F is the first project of PeaceNiche, which is a not-for-profit NGO, registered under the Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860, Pakistan in 2007. The Registration Number of PeaceNiche is KAR 0115.

    What’s with the Macs and iPods?
    We’re Apple evangelists and can’t get enough of Steve’s shiny toys. All our Board Members use Macs and if you need buying advice or training, call us. We recently launched a Desi Apple User Group to provide a platform for Apple fans to hang out and learn new stuff.

    Why don’t you send out event invitations by post?
    We’re tech-savvy tree huggers. E-mail and web-based announcements are cost-effective and no money is wasted on printing and postage. No trees are cut down either. Sign up today!

    Do you have Wi-Fi?
    Yes. And it’s free. (Thank you, Maxcom.)

    Who owns T2F?
    T2F is a project of PeaceNiche, a non-profit NGO set up in 2007. The Founder of PeaceNiche is Sabeen Mahmud, a social entrepreneur, activist, graphic designer, and technology consultant. PeaceNiche is governed by a Board of Founder Members and an Advisory Council. Seed funding for the organization was provided by Sabeen Mahmud and a few wonderful well-wishers. Donations are welcome!

    Can I borrow a book from the browsing shelf? Just for one day?

    Can I donate books to T2F?
    Yes. We’ll take pretty much anything but Time and Newsweek end up in the loo and we totally draw the line at Readers’ Digest.

    Why don’t you advertise so more people find out about T2F?
    We spread our message through our opt-in mailing list, (WE DO NOT SPAM!), Facebook, the T2F website, Twitter, word-of-mouth, referrals, and UNSOLICITED media/blog coverage. Karachi is a large city and we can’t reach everyone, so please help us spread the word. Tell a friend about T2F.

    I’m a graphic designer/artist/photographer/whatever. Can I exhibit at T2F?
    If your work is compelling, yes. Printing and framing costs are yours and we charge a 30% commission on any work that gets sold. Social themes, political commentary, and thought-provoking content preferred.