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Creative Reflections: An Introduction to Art Therapy

Art therapy has been used to treat people who have experienced trauma, violence, abuse, death and loss; people with physical and psychological impairments, mood disorders, and chronic illness. It offers an alternative modality for self expression, serving as a voice for the voiceless, and a window for the hidden self.

This introductory workshop will familiarize participants with the theory and practice of art therapy through an interactive discussion and art exercises. The workshop is open to anyone interested in learning about art therapy, the service and the profession. School administrators, mental health professionals, doctors, speech language therapists, artists as advocates, and teachers of children with special needs will find it especially useful.

Art therapy with children and adolescents is a powerful medium for connecting and building trust. The flexibility inherent in visual thinking and imagery offers a creative avenue for resolving conflicts and easing emotional suffering. Chronically ill or distressed individuals can be served by the safe and non judgmental approach of creative self expression in which the emotional presence and empathic understanding of a trained therapist can offer them relief and enhance coping and well-being.

Myth: Some people cannot do art.
Truth: Every human being has creative potential.

So, come ready to do some art. Leave self criticism at the door.

Workshop Facilitator: Shazia Mohamed, Art Therapist, DTATI (thesis pending)
Shazia has had graduate training in art therapy in Toronto, Canada, where she completed her clinical placement working with children with conduct disorder and learning disabilities and older adults who had suffered a stroke. Shazia is currently providing art therapy to children with special needs at a Karachi-based school and is a consultant at Ziauddin University Hospital’s speech language therapy department.

Date and Time:
Saturday, 8th December 2007 | 3:30 pm to 5:00 pm
Sunday 9th December 2007 | 11:30 am to 1:00 pm

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  1. hira jeddy

    this is amazing, can i please get shazia’s contact number or email address….iam currently involved with the cas school and we are starting art therapy there….i would like to get in touch with shazia…please get back to me

  2. admin

    @Hira: Have sent you Shazia’s email address, with her permission.

  3. ramsha laklhani

    salam…. it is a really nice platform where we can do somethng and prove our selves… i m a medical student and have given 1st year exams recently… i m interested in art therapy and thus need guidance… plx clear my doubts about it,,…. thnx!

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