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PeaceNiche and T2F are proud to be associated with a range of organizations and companies. Each one has supported our work in one way or another and many have provided gratis services. We thank you all for believing in us :-)


Free wi-fi at T2F is powered by wi-tribe! They’re the folks with the funky, fuschia colored modems and customer care centers that actually care about customers. They say we are a very cool café to partner with because we gently force people to ‘bring their brains’ to T2F and encourage the dying arts of conversation, reading, and poetry.
The wi-tribe Website


TCS is Pakistan’s leading logistics and courier services company. As part of our commitment to the environment, we don’t use much paper … but whenever we do, and need to get a package from Point A to Point B, TCS ships it out for us, at no cost.
The TCS Website

Radio 1 FM 91

Radio 1 FM 91 has been extremely supportive of our work. They play great music so, “shut up and listen!”
The Radio 1 FM 91 Website


Homexpress is an ad-based free monthly magazine delivered directly to households. Chock-a-block with special offers and ads for useful products and services, Homexpress is one of our favorite entrepreneurial success stories. We love them even more because they place public service ads for us in every issue.
The Homexpress Website

Oxford University Press

Oxford University Press is a department of the University of Oxford. It furthers the University’s objective of excellence in research, scholarship, and education by publishing worldwide.
The OUP Pakistan Website

Teachers' Resource Centre

For over two decades, the Teachers’ Resource Centre has been dedicated to improving education in Pakistan. TRC enhances the learning experiences of children by helping change teachers’ perceptions of the learning process.
The TRC Website

Scheherzade Press

Scheherzade is devoted to publishing and the promotion of book culture. Through its publication programme, Scheherzade has published over 100 books in five years and plans to bring out 20 new titles in 2008. These include new writing, especially fiction and poetry, current affairs and women’s issues. Translations from contemporary international writing into Urdu are an important component of Scheherzade’s publication programme and a special effort has been made to publish new translations of works by Rumi, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Orhan Pamuk, Sandor Marai, Naguib Mehfouz, Milan Kundera, and Ghassan Kanfani. Scheherzade also brings out Duniyazad, a quarterly journal of new writing.

A wide range of Scheherzade’s titles are available at T2F.

As Pakistan’s savviest and fussiest Mac users, we won’t buy Steve’s shiny toys from just anyone. iTech is our Apple Reseller of choice. Call us when you want to buy a Mac, an iPod, or accessories and we’ll send you to the right people.


NuktaArt is a biannual publication that places art at its core and offers art critics, art historians and artists a platform to examine, debate and contextualize the many dimensions of this field worldwide. Related disciplines such as architecture, graphic design, performing arts and film are also included in the discourse.
The NuktaArt Magazine Website

The Fourth Article

The Fourth Article is “THE BIG SMALL MAGAZINE”. This is how they describe themselves: None of us are literary geniuses, crazy scientists, freaky bohemians or suicidal artists but happen to know a lot of them. They live in different countries and have formed a worldwide network of change. We wish to
acknowledge their contribution to society by spreading the word free of charge. The magazine is available, gratis, at T2F.
The Fourth Article Website


Tehelka is India’s leading independent weekly news magazine, committed to constructive, crusading journalism. Geared to take a stand, to follow the hard investigative story, Tehelka is fearless – ready to create opinion, and not just remain a passive vehicle of news.
The Tehelka Website

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